Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lollapalooza 2009

So, the top 3 headers locked in to show up at this years Lollapalooza Include Beastie Boys, Janes Addiction Depeche Mode and just added literally a minute ago KINGS OF LEON! YAH!!!!!!. Am I thrilled about this? Not sure. I love the Beastie Boys because these guys are classics. I also enjoy Janes Addiction, but I can't say that they are one of my favorites. Unfortuantly, I never heard of Depeche Mode, because they were before my time. And Kings of Leon.... oh how I LOVE THEM SO! But will I be yearning to buy tickets for this years 3-day extravaganza? Well it depends.

3 out of the 4 bands headling I like. It's not everyday that Janes addiction is playing shows in the same venue as the Beastie Boys. Kings of Leon is a great, talanted band and they are more then deserving to take the stage at this years event. However, I am curious to see what other artists will show up this year but, until they announce it I do not plan on buying tickets. More then likely, these bands will be playing on seperate nights. I am a broke college student so the cost for a 3-day pass is insane. In my fantasy world, I would have Foo Fighters, Green Day, Coldplay, Kings Of Leon, 311, Pearl Jam, Staind... okay I know I am getting out of control here. I just think that the people that put Lollapalozza together need more then a year in advance to plan forfuture year line up's so that they would be able to book these legendary bands. My theory is that if people come to Lollapalooza from all over the U.S. you better make it worth their wild. Because Lollapalooza has tried to differentiate themselves as an event that is like no other they need to live up to that reputation. I would metaphorically say that its sort of like a modern day Woodstock but without the hippies and free flowing drugs. The goal is to make people and music fanatics all over wanting to come back every year not slightly dissapointing them.

What did catch my attention was the announcement for line up of Vans Warp Tour (or as I like to call it, the punk-rock version of Lollapalooza) Some people hate the Warp tour. I agree that sometimes the punk teenagers that fill up the place get on your nerves... (you have to laugh because you can purchase beer and a majority of them can't.) Unfortuntatly, you will find these punky teenagers at Lollapalooza as well. However, this years Vans Warp Tour includes ALOT of my favorites: Thrice, Less Then Jake, The Ataris, Bayside, Floggy Molly, Forever the Sickest Kids, Silverstein, The White Tie Affair and Senses Fail. The reason I love going to this event and try to go every year is not just for the bands that I know and have come to love. The whole day of listening to music, walking around the venue and hearing new bands that you didn't know would become a new favorite is probably the most exciting thing I get out of the experience.

So will I be wanting to go to this years Lollapalooza? Probably not. It really depends on the rest of the line up and the nights in which the bands are playing.... (same night vs. serperate). Otherwise, I will have to Catch up with Kings of Leon on another tour because I have never seen them live and besides wanting to see the Beastie Boys, that would really be my only incentive for wanting to go at this point.

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