Friday, March 6, 2009

sxsw band

So there were so many incredible bands on the SXSW website not to mention a lot as well. Some bands that were on there, like Anberlin, I actually own some of there music on itunes and have seen them play in the past.

There were a few artists on the SXSW webpage that I really liked, including Jessica Frye and Brimstone Howl but I guess I am forced to choose only one to write about.

A band I really liked on the SXSW webiste is from San Fransico, Cali. called The Aimless Never miss. They have a rock/punk sound to them yet are a light listening. What I liked alot about this band is that ever song they have has a very catchy, some what lengthy opening that catches your ear. I fell in love with the music before I even heard the lyrics because from the music itself (intro, & rifts) you can capture so much emotion from it. The singer also blends beautifully with the sound of this band, and I really think I found a new favorite! Vocally they remind me of the band Placebo and instrumentally they sound Kings of Leon. "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon (with an addition of a backup girl vocalist) has that awsome captivating guitar rift that has a rock sound to it yet gets you into a trance state of mind state that brings up alot of emotion.. well at least for me it does!

I think that The Aimless Never Miss definetly have their own, different sound to them. You can tell just by listening to these guys(and girl) that there is so much creativity and talent behind their music and as a band. The song "The Birghtside" on the SXSW website by The Aimless Never Miss, is good, but I think they have much better songs on their myspace. (ex: like the song "Dresden" and "Suburban Seas") I am not saying that song on the SXSW webpage is not good because it got my attention of wanting to hear more by them. I just think that song dosn't showcase their full ability and talent as artists. I suggest that if you have time check out their myspace page.

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