Monday, March 2, 2009

What a Weekend...

So this weekend was amazing...

Friday night: Lucky Boys Confusion came out to DeKalb and played at Otto's one of the local popular bars out here near NIU. Opening for them was Mark Rosa from Spitafeild and Inept. It was heaven. I had been looking forward to this show for the last month.. and of course it was an awsome show.

Otto's is a some what small place, and to have such great musicians that you are deeply infatuated with and have been a hard core fan of for years, is any fanatic's dream. Lucky Boy's Confusion was awsome and every time I have seen them play, they have always been energetic, a good time and great live. Though, I must say I did get a little nervous when the mash pit started expanding toward me because Otto's is small. (Just imagine being at the House of Blues and then divide that in half.) But before all that madness began, Mark Rosa of Spitafeild opened and he was amazing! His voice to me, is personnaly so sexy as is the music he writes.

Inept is who is a new artist on the rise was the mid. I actually just heard about them on Q101 a few months ago and then saw them out here awhile ago at the House Cafe. I knew they would be a good time because they were when I saw them last time. Sure enough, they were phenominal. There was def. mashing going on, but I was to busy being starry eyed and singing along to my favorite songs by them.

So that was just Friday. Then Saturday, I went home because my boyfriend had won 2 free tickets to see Dropkick Murphays for this past Sat. at Congree Theater. (By the way, I love seeing shows there because all you have to do to be by the front stage is to push your way through!) So I am sort of firmilar with Dropkick but I am not a fanatic like my boyfriend. So they were a good time and put on a great show. Live, they sound the same as they do on a professionally recorded cd. But, what I fell in love with was the opening act for them. Civet took my breath away. They were an all girl hard core punk rock band by the name of Civet and they were amazing. (I think my boyfriend might be a new groupie for them.. I will have to watch him lol.) Everybody in the theater was taken back by how much these girls rocked the house and their . Their energy, rockability and lyrics were awsome. Vocally, this girl can rock it. Instrumentally, these girls know how to jam, playing fast and yet good. I have checked out more music by them and are now one of my new favorites on itunes. So to say the most it was a very musical weekend but fun. I distriubuted drop cards to a few people but I didnt want to get in trouble for what would seem like soliciting...

Good thing I had a blast this weekend, because now I am sick (my colitis is acting up again.. ewww). So now I am struggling to get through the week and it is only Monday. Just waiting to see a doctor so I can get some drugs to feel better! Thank god spring break is next week!

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