Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Favorite of CMI

So ever since I burned the CMI music for myself to a cd I haven't stopped listening to it. Even once this internship is over, I am still going to be suporting these bands on the CMI because some of them are my new favorite. There are alot of great bands on the CMI. So here it goes:

My Favorite band on the CMI:

So this was hard to decide because I loved a few of these bands. But when I narrowed it down, my favorite band came to be The Rising Sound from Los Angeles, CA. However, honorable mentions go to Twentyfour 24, Early States, Our Satori and Offshore Radio. It might be because I favor the Emo/Alternative/Punk Rock sound and that made me like Rising Sound above the rest of the bands. What I really liked about this band is that vocally the lead singer is really talented. His voice is good yet unique. Alot of these bands on the CMI sounded like artists I have already heard. (Ex: Fiona apple, candlebox, gavin degraw). I think that the Rising Sound has alot of unique rifts in their songs that make the song catchy. Lyrically the band writes songs that are powerful and meaninful. For Example, the song, "In Space," lyrically was very meaningful and instrumentally the chorus was catchy. (As was the chours in the song, "Lights Out."

My favorite band from the CMI regionally:

So from my Region (Illinois) my favorite band was Pinstripe 45's. Though Glasko is very talented, I realy liked the style, sound and lyrics of Pinstripe 45's. Lead singer Marshall Hanbury has a voice similar to Kevin Martin of Candlebox. I am a sucker for the sound of acoustic guitars mixed with a sexy voice. I really enjoy the songs, "Living times like these, I Don't Know What Hit Me, and In Some Other Time." The combination of his voice and lyrical writings along with the blend of instrumenta and percussion make listening to them take you into another element.

When I listen to this band, it makes me reflect on life, and on certain memories. It calms me down and takes me outside my element and into a peaceful mind state. Not many bands have the ability to create music that can take a person to that level and for this I think Pinstripe 45s is not only my favorite band regionally but probably my favorite band on the CMI. (I just couldn't be repetative and write about the same band twice!) Lucky for me, they are local so next time they play a show and after this semester is over, I will most likely go see them.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Movie and Music Mesh

So Indie rock music is finally hitting the movie scene? ITS ABOUT TIME! Shouldn't that have been happening along time ago? Maybe it's because Indie music is becomming increasingly popular, or there has just been more talent bomming in the Indie music industry. Either way I am totally stoked that finally, movie directors are finally getting some "taste" in music when thinking about the music put into in their movie scences.

I thought about this blog long and hard. There have been so many movies that were made better due to the music that was added in scenes. So the following is some scenes that I think were some of the best parts of a movie due to the songs that were choosen. It's funny how a song can set and change a mood of a scene completely. There are alot of epic movies I would like to mention that I didn't add to this list which include "Almost Famous, Dazed & Confused, Monty Python, Dark Knight, Rambo Fight Club and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas So here are SOME of my favorite movie scenes of all time:

Song: "No Matter What" by Badfinger

So this is one of my favorite movies of all time! And for all you girls out there that have not seen it, GO SEE IT! What was so great about this movie besides the story line was the soundtrack... and yes I own it! There were several great scenes in this movie but, for me the I liked the opening credit. This song was totally appropriate to open the movie and set the feel for the story line.

Song: "If I ever Leave This World Alive" By Floggy Molly

I love this song by Floggy Molly but when they ended the movie with this song I just lost it! This movie was sad to begin with, but at the end when this song came on, I started to cry! Me of all people! (I never cry during movies!) I think that with out this song, the ending would have been alot different (and in a bad way) and it wouldn't have had such a profound impact like it did. It still makes me cry when I think about it.

FAVORITE LOVE SCENE: Movie: "Cruel Intentions"
Song: "Color Blind" by The Counting Crows

Everyone has probably seen this movie and knows extactly what scene I am talking about. This movie in general was great and the love scene between Ryan Phillipian and Reense Witherspoon was HOT! However, this song by the Counting Crows is a tear jerker and I think that the producer incorporated the song into the movie beautifully. Another great love scene I would like to mention with great music would be the movie "Click" with the song "Linger" by the cranberry's.

FAVORITE CAR CHASE SCENE: Movie: "The Fast and The Furious"
Song: "Smack my Bitch Up" by Prodigy

I would say that not only was this movie action pacted, but when they had added prodigy's song in the background it just made the car chase from the cops all that much better. :) Even when I hear this song when I am driving it makes me feel like speeding! (im not implying that I do because I don't! lol) but the song defenitlety adds and adrenline rush to any scene.

Song: "Where is my Mind" by Placebo

A great book trasnformed into one of my favorite movie of all time! If you have not seen this movie you are deprived and must go see it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are


So the infamous childrens book, "Where the Wild Thing Are," is now a movie. I am still skeptical on how they pulled off making a 10 sentence book into a full length movie.

As a child, this book was read to me in school I don't even know how many times... quite frankly, I don't know who hasn't heard of this book. I don't remember to much about it, except a boy gets in trouboe and that the illustrations in the book of the monsters scared me.

So I checked out the movie trailor. I am not sure if I will end up seeing this film or not... my guess is probobaly not, unless I get stuck taking my niece to see it.

In the trailor, the costumes for these "monster" characters in the film were not scary, compared to what I remember about the the illlustrations in the book. I think the costumns looked very cool and portraye d these monsters well. What I did like about the trailor was the scope in which they decided to film the movie. I like how they used a more "realistic" feel (using people and costumns) verses an animated cartoon route. What I also like about the trailor were the story lines such as "Inside all of us is hope, inside all of us is fear..inside all of us is adventure.... Inside all of us is a Wild Thing."

Though the trailor looked interesting, I do not have the ergue to see the movie. Maybe if I was a child again I would. I just don't think that this movie will have a point to it because the book is based off of imagination. The story line of the book , "Where the Wild Things Are," is about a little boy that gets sent to his room for running around the house. He falls asleep and dreams of an adventure. So I really can't picture what direction the movie would go because that would be left to the producer. I did like the music in the trailor though howevr, I will not be seeing the movie.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

powerful music

Okay... so there are several albums or songs that have had a profound impact on me including Staind's Break the Cycle Album and the Bravery's song, Time Won't Let me Go. However, when I saw this blog assignment, I was weirded out, because very recently I was highly affected by an album, more particulary a certain song which helped me personally.

So I have been a heavy cigg. smokers for a few years now. I kind of wanted to quit but didn't have the motivation or true desire too. About 2 months ago, (in Feb.) they found out my dad had cancer in his upper right lymph note from smoking. This sort of motivated me to want to quit because it was a reality check that really hit home. However, even after he was digaonsed, I was still smoking but, with guilt and contemplation. Though motivation was starring me in the face I was still not 100% motivated to quit.

So after his surgery my dad spent a few weeks in the hospital I went home to see him. When driving back up to school from home I was on I-88 blasting a cd and jamming out to music (as usual).

That day I was listening to the new Rise Against Cd: Appeal to Reason (which I have probably out played). At this point I have already listened to this cd numerous times but on that particular day, the songs on the album sounded alot more clearer. They sounded different and certain lyrics popped out at me and were very heart-felt. I don't know if It was because on that day I was poundering and thinking about a lot of things that were going on in my life, worried about my dad, and sad because the anniversary of the shootings at NIU just passed.So when the song Kotov Syndrome by Rise Against came on, it effected me straight to the heart. Particulary there is a part of the song that states the following:

Spin out of control. Spin out of control. Try to recover but collide with each
other, We spin out of control. Somethings you don’t forgive somethings you don’t
forget. Sometimes the fate you suffer is so much worse than death. We’re way off
course now and we’redrifting out to sea. So cut the anchor on your heart to be
set free."

Why these lyrics stood out more on this partcular day and effected me, I still can't explain. All I know is that day I was alot more appreciative of life. (even though I thought I was already). And after that day I think that it helped me to gain some
perspectives on the gift of life and how easy we take the simple things for granted:
health, happiness, friends, work. I also felt sadness because there was simply so much bad news around me at this point that I felt depressed. In particular, "We're way off course now and we're drifting out to sea, so cut the anchor on your heart to be set free." made me stop and think about what I was doing to myself. With fate starring my dad in the face and with the anniversary of the shootings here at NIU, it reminded me of how precious life is and that I can't take it for granted anymore. That day was the last time I smoked a ciggarette. Some how that song struck a chord with me, and motivated me to want to quit. I thought about how as I smoked that ciggarete, I was choosing my fate where as other people in this world that face death sometimes dont have the chance nor ever get the chance to choose their fate. To say the least, ths made me reflect alot and ultimatly feel very selfish for making poor choices.

Other songs on the Rise Against album that have impacted me in some way include the songs, "Dirt Whispered", "Hairline Fracture," "Audience of one," and "Savior." It's hard to express how or why music impacts you mentally and emotionaly. The reassurnace comes when you end up seeing that band live and you and thousands of other strangers no longer become strangers because you all have one thing in common and somehow that artist and their music has brought all of you together. Personally, sometimes when find a certain song or band has impacted you in some profound way and you can't explain extactly word for word how your feeling, you just got to let it capture you and let the music rock you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lollapalooza 2009

So, the top 3 headers locked in to show up at this years Lollapalooza Include Beastie Boys, Janes Addiction Depeche Mode and just added literally a minute ago KINGS OF LEON! YAH!!!!!!. Am I thrilled about this? Not sure. I love the Beastie Boys because these guys are classics. I also enjoy Janes Addiction, but I can't say that they are one of my favorites. Unfortuantly, I never heard of Depeche Mode, because they were before my time. And Kings of Leon.... oh how I LOVE THEM SO! But will I be yearning to buy tickets for this years 3-day extravaganza? Well it depends.

3 out of the 4 bands headling I like. It's not everyday that Janes addiction is playing shows in the same venue as the Beastie Boys. Kings of Leon is a great, talanted band and they are more then deserving to take the stage at this years event. However, I am curious to see what other artists will show up this year but, until they announce it I do not plan on buying tickets. More then likely, these bands will be playing on seperate nights. I am a broke college student so the cost for a 3-day pass is insane. In my fantasy world, I would have Foo Fighters, Green Day, Coldplay, Kings Of Leon, 311, Pearl Jam, Staind... okay I know I am getting out of control here. I just think that the people that put Lollapalozza together need more then a year in advance to plan forfuture year line up's so that they would be able to book these legendary bands. My theory is that if people come to Lollapalooza from all over the U.S. you better make it worth their wild. Because Lollapalooza has tried to differentiate themselves as an event that is like no other they need to live up to that reputation. I would metaphorically say that its sort of like a modern day Woodstock but without the hippies and free flowing drugs. The goal is to make people and music fanatics all over wanting to come back every year not slightly dissapointing them.

What did catch my attention was the announcement for line up of Vans Warp Tour (or as I like to call it, the punk-rock version of Lollapalooza) Some people hate the Warp tour. I agree that sometimes the punk teenagers that fill up the place get on your nerves... (you have to laugh because you can purchase beer and a majority of them can't.) Unfortuntatly, you will find these punky teenagers at Lollapalooza as well. However, this years Vans Warp Tour includes ALOT of my favorites: Thrice, Less Then Jake, The Ataris, Bayside, Floggy Molly, Forever the Sickest Kids, Silverstein, The White Tie Affair and Senses Fail. The reason I love going to this event and try to go every year is not just for the bands that I know and have come to love. The whole day of listening to music, walking around the venue and hearing new bands that you didn't know would become a new favorite is probably the most exciting thing I get out of the experience.

So will I be wanting to go to this years Lollapalooza? Probably not. It really depends on the rest of the line up and the nights in which the bands are playing.... (same night vs. serperate). Otherwise, I will have to Catch up with Kings of Leon on another tour because I have never seen them live and besides wanting to see the Beastie Boys, that would really be my only incentive for wanting to go at this point.

Friday, March 6, 2009

sxsw band

So there were so many incredible bands on the SXSW website not to mention a lot as well. Some bands that were on there, like Anberlin, I actually own some of there music on itunes and have seen them play in the past.

There were a few artists on the SXSW webpage that I really liked, including Jessica Frye and Brimstone Howl but I guess I am forced to choose only one to write about.

A band I really liked on the SXSW webiste is from San Fransico, Cali. called The Aimless Never miss. They have a rock/punk sound to them yet are a light listening. What I liked alot about this band is that ever song they have has a very catchy, some what lengthy opening that catches your ear. I fell in love with the music before I even heard the lyrics because from the music itself (intro, & rifts) you can capture so much emotion from it. The singer also blends beautifully with the sound of this band, and I really think I found a new favorite! Vocally they remind me of the band Placebo and instrumentally they sound Kings of Leon. "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon (with an addition of a backup girl vocalist) has that awsome captivating guitar rift that has a rock sound to it yet gets you into a trance state of mind state that brings up alot of emotion.. well at least for me it does!

I think that The Aimless Never Miss definetly have their own, different sound to them. You can tell just by listening to these guys(and girl) that there is so much creativity and talent behind their music and as a band. The song "The Birghtside" on the SXSW website by The Aimless Never Miss, is good, but I think they have much better songs on their myspace. (ex: like the song "Dresden" and "Suburban Seas") I am not saying that song on the SXSW webpage is not good because it got my attention of wanting to hear more by them. I just think that song dosn't showcase their full ability and talent as artists. I suggest that if you have time check out their myspace page.

Monday, March 2, 2009

What a Weekend...

So this weekend was amazing...

Friday night: Lucky Boys Confusion came out to DeKalb and played at Otto's one of the local popular bars out here near NIU. Opening for them was Mark Rosa from Spitafeild and Inept. It was heaven. I had been looking forward to this show for the last month.. and of course it was an awsome show.

Otto's is a some what small place, and to have such great musicians that you are deeply infatuated with and have been a hard core fan of for years, is any fanatic's dream. Lucky Boy's Confusion was awsome and every time I have seen them play, they have always been energetic, a good time and great live. Though, I must say I did get a little nervous when the mash pit started expanding toward me because Otto's is small. (Just imagine being at the House of Blues and then divide that in half.) But before all that madness began, Mark Rosa of Spitafeild opened and he was amazing! His voice to me, is personnaly so sexy as is the music he writes.

Inept is who is a new artist on the rise was the mid. I actually just heard about them on Q101 a few months ago and then saw them out here awhile ago at the House Cafe. I knew they would be a good time because they were when I saw them last time. Sure enough, they were phenominal. There was def. mashing going on, but I was to busy being starry eyed and singing along to my favorite songs by them.

So that was just Friday. Then Saturday, I went home because my boyfriend had won 2 free tickets to see Dropkick Murphays for this past Sat. at Congree Theater. (By the way, I love seeing shows there because all you have to do to be by the front stage is to push your way through!) So I am sort of firmilar with Dropkick but I am not a fanatic like my boyfriend. So they were a good time and put on a great show. Live, they sound the same as they do on a professionally recorded cd. But, what I fell in love with was the opening act for them. Civet took my breath away. They were an all girl hard core punk rock band by the name of Civet and they were amazing. (I think my boyfriend might be a new groupie for them.. I will have to watch him lol.) Everybody in the theater was taken back by how much these girls rocked the house and their . Their energy, rockability and lyrics were awsome. Vocally, this girl can rock it. Instrumentally, these girls know how to jam, playing fast and yet good. I have checked out more music by them and are now one of my new favorites on itunes. So to say the most it was a very musical weekend but fun. I distriubuted drop cards to a few people but I didnt want to get in trouble for what would seem like soliciting...

Good thing I had a blast this weekend, because now I am sick (my colitis is acting up again.. ewww). So now I am struggling to get through the week and it is only Monday. Just waiting to see a doctor so I can get some drugs to feel better! Thank god spring break is next week!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dream Line Up

So this blog assignment took some long, critical thinking. Though I have made my final decision in this blog on my dream line up's I still feel discontent. How is one capable of narrowing down these epic bands without being able to give honorable mention to so many others? It was so hard to pick 3 top bands of my choice. So I thought about it nice and long and heres what my ideal dream line up would look like. Well here goes nothing....


OPENER:The Doors using Sammey Roy (of Van Halen) on guitar, and Chis Cornell on drums. The Doors are one of my all time favorie rock bands. Ok, call me crazy on this one but, I think that it would be an incredible sound if Chris Cornell added his talents on the drums as well as his differentiated vocals to background vocals of The Doors. Also adding Sammey's rockability on the guitar would only enhance the sound of The Doors. I think these artists when together would create an awsome sound and one hell of a perfomance. I think that not only would their talents mesh extremely well but, so would there personalities. I don't think this blend would disappoint. They are all rockers at heart and all have had their controversal and dramatic times. With those types of personalities and talents, it would be impossible to sound terrible. These artists together would create the ultimate opener for any rock concert.

MID: Rolling Stones using Eddie Vetter (of Pearl Jam) as back vocalist and David Grohl (of Foo Fighters) on Drums/vocals. The Rolling Stones. These guys are true legends not just from their day but for the rest of time. Then you add rock grunge hero Eddie Vetter of the 90's. Personaly, I think Eddies voice would blend beautifully with McJagger. Then you add into the equation former drummer of Nirvana, David Grohl who knows how to rock vocally and instumentally. I think what all these artists have in common is that they pride themselves on the music they create. Everything they do is passionate and I think they would all bring a performance that could never be duplicated in its legacy. These artists being together in one band, on one stage, would be nothing short of amazing.

HEADLINER: Lynard Skynard with Zakk Wylde as other lead guitarist, Lars Ulrich (of Metallica) on drums. So this was tough to choose between what mesh of artists should be a mid verses a headliner. For me, I think that Lynard Skynard is one of the most talented artists his era. It would be nothing but a utopia to add Zakk Wylde- a metal head version of a Jimmy Hendrix, and Lars Ulrich to the stage with Lynard Skynard. All these artists have superior talents in playing instruments. Skynard has amazing vocals. Some solos and rifts in his music could make any guitar player grow strong forearms in a week. Then there is Zakk Wylde- a man who like Jimmy Hendrix can play the guitar behind his back, with his teeth, or his eyes closed. He has perfected the art of playing the guitar and would be a perfect addition to perform with Lynard Skynard. (Think about all the crazy riffs/chourses he has played for Black Sabbath and his own band, Black Label Sociey.) Lars Ulrich is another fast-paced musician who has the ability to play at rapid speeds. Adding both Zakk and Lars to play with Lynard Skynard would seem like a natural fit. They were all born to rock and that they all do. I could just picture it in my head... They would all be on stage rockin' out and Zack Wylde busts out into a 5 minutue solo rockin along side Lynard Skynard... HEAVEN. This tour would be sold out in minutes.

Hip-Hop Line Up:

OPENER: Beastie Boys with the addition of Anthony Ray (of Sir-Mix-Alot)
So your probably trying to close your eyes imagine this scenerio. I thought that these 2 artists would mesh perfectly. When I think if the Beastie Boys and all of their top chart, award winning songs I think of fun, goofy, letting lose, "Fight For Your Right, To Party," type of music. Then you add Anthony, another hip-hop artists who not only has a voice that would blend perfectly with the Beastie Boys but, would put on one entertaining performance. Something just seems right about putting the artists that wrote, "Brass Monkey," and , "Baby Got Back," together in the same stage. Both artists are always full if energy, always dancing in some insane movement, and always such free spirts. I think they would be able come up with some clever beats together. Having these artists perform together in one act would be someting fans would never forget.

MID: John Legend. Why? Because unlike many other hip-hop artists out there, I think he is one that is hard to find. This grammy winner has a voice that is compelling, songs that are catchy and lyrics that are meaningful. He is one hell of a musician. His ability to rock out the piano reminds me of a modern day Beethoven. Though he is an artists that is diferent that most hip-hop artists, he defintely has the soul, and talent to rock out in a show without any additions. He is not just a great musician, but a great performance. When he performs it reminds me of watching Arron Lewis from Staind because they both have one thing in common. of the heart, soul and passion that is behind the performance.

HEADLINER: RUN D.M.C. What Beetles are to Rock and Roll is what RUN D.M.C. is to hip hop- the Rocky of hip-hop. This group is probably one of the best hip-hop groups of all time. These guys, paved the way for so many hip-hop and rockers that liked to combine the two. Now, I am not a huge fan of the hip-hop genre, but I find myself owning several songs by them in my i-tunes including the infamous, "Rock Box." This group has a sound that before them, was never done. RUN D.M.C has an orginal, fresh, catchy sound that no one will ever be able to captivate. They were not influenced by anyone. They influence others. With funny, postive lyrics i think it would only be appropriate that beastie boys and RUN D.M.C. be in the same line up on a tour. When you have a group like this that complements each other so well vocally and musically, you don't need to add other people to the performane. RUN D.M.C. will rock the house down as the headline for this crazy, diverse what would be sold-out dream tour.

Jazz Line Up: (going old school with this one)

OPENER: Duke Ellington; so I am going a little old school with this one, because I love old school jazz/blues musicians. So I am not sure if this counts as a band because he his known for is composures. I would not be surprised if you never heard of him unless you like jazz which unfortuantly, is a genre fading out. I own his music unlike many other people my age.(Thats what I get for playing in the truimpht in my jazz band freshmen and sophmore year of High School). This guy is a legend. If you had a festival and award named after you, I think your more then well deserving to be in my Jazz dream line up. Duke is probably one of the most talanted jazz players to walk on this earth. Not only does he know how to master the piano, but he is has compoed some of the best songs of all time that many current Jazz bands may cover his composers. With Duke's passion and emotion behind each note, his music is a delight and honor to hear perform. Could you imagine him being only the opener for the concert?

MID: Billie Holiday. Must I say more? This women is an amazing vocalist. I love her. My grandfather played her music so to say the most I grew up singing "Easy Living" quit a bit. If one could resurrect Billie, she would be lind up to play on not only my dream Jazz tour, but would be highly demanded to play around the country by true jazz fans every where. Billie is so good at captivating her fans with her unique vocals, soul and passion and unique blend of tones that it would be impossible to find a modern day replica of her. As they say, she would, "Tear the house down."

HEADLINER: Frank Sinatra. Must I say more?


OPENER: Rise Against. So, many people may not like the punk-rock genre, but i love it. Rise Against is a very talented band. Lead singer, Tim Mcllrath has a very unique voice along with gifted band members who write and play creative rifts and catchy chourses. Even though alot of these puck rock bands sound the same, they have their own sound and uniqueness about them. Their lyrics are not only very meaningful (Ex: Swing Life Away, Audience of one, etc.) but they have the ability to convey their emotions and have it be relatable to many others. When performing, Rise Against has energy out the roof. I think they would be an awsome band to open up on a tour. They would definetly start the tour on a rockin' note.
MID: Bayside. Listening to their music is like wispering sweet nothings into my ears. These guys are incredible. Many people may have yet to discover this band, but once they do, they will forever be changed. Lead singer Anthony Raneri knows how to sing likes he means it and play his guitar as if there were no tommorow. I have seen them perform live both at an acoustic and rock performance and they know how to rock both. Their passion and energy both are steller. Not only are they always giving but they always acknowledge their fans and get them hyped up during shows. Bayside has their own orginal sound. Lyrically they will touch your heart. Their cover of the Smoking Popes song, "Meghen," was actually better then the smoking popes version. I think this band is able to please most music fanatics, no matter what type of music you listen to. Once you see these guys, and hear their awsome preludes and rifts combined with Anthony's distinct vocals, you will be hooked and forever become part of the Bayside cult.

HEADLINER: Taking Back Sunday.These guys are a favorite of mine. Some people think they sound like the band band, The Used, but i think they are better both vocally and instrumentally. They and have such a great yet different sound to them (catchy, up-beat, head-boppin' music) and they are passionate about the music they play. I own every single album that this band came out with. There is no doubt that Taking Back Sunday would put on a great performance as a headliner. Lead singer Antonio Longo has a good, unique voice and lots of energy on stage. These guys could rock any concert tour, and leave a mark- making people know who they are and wanting more. If you can't appreciate these guys as an artist, then I don't know if you ever can appreciate music at all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tangents and rock n' roll

I hate cold days like this! It' always so windy in DeKalb, I swear it adds -10 to the already cold temperture outside. I am currently watching my favorite movie of all time becasuse I don't plan on going outside anytime soon- it's to COLD!

"Almost Famous." Probably one of the best movies of all time. For those of you who have never seen it, you poor souls! How deprived are you! I highly recommend renting it. So if you have never seen it heres the story line: It's about a a boy (William) who grows up in the 1960-70's era. His mother is a god-fearing women: over protective and depriving him of the realities of life which includes listening to records (or as she called it "Devil music") In a nutshell she was nuts! At 15, William is way advanced for his age--pretty much a freakin' genius and has a great talent in journalism. He lands a gig with Rolling Stones Magazine and ends up touring the country with the popular 70's southern band, Stillwater. Now, of course Rolling Stones Magazine as no idea of how old william actually is.

So my point of this tangent (which i am not sure if i have one) is that while im watching this movie and ranting on my blog, all the music on this movie reminds me of that "All American" classic rock & roll, one main reason why I love this moving so much! These classic rock bands that paved the way for others to emerge on the scene and impacted people all over the country. Its funny how quickly alot of people forget about some of the master's of music.

James Taylor, The Beatles, Bob Segar, Zeppelin, Clapton, John Denver, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, Lynard Skynard, ACDC, Elton John.......I'm out of breath! The list goes on. Sometimes I fear that future generations will forget about them, others may never hear about. As we replace the new rock heros with the old ones dosen't mean we need to forget about some of the best musicians of all time. All these rock legends have inspired and have emotionally been there for many of their fans.

Sure our generation have seen some greats rockers like Nirvana, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilie Peppers, Oasis... there's alot of them too. What all these bands from the past have and emerging bands to come in the future have in common is that they had inspiration and influence. Influece has to come from somewhere or somebody, right? Alot of current bands and past 90's bands that we grew up with were influenced by these Rock n' roll Legends. I'm not implying that there will never be great rock n' roll bands ever again because I would be lying. (Zack Wylde is probably just as good as Hendrix at perfecting the guitar. Both can play with their teeth too!) Just never forget about those that started the road and defined what good music was.

Remember, "Music speaks what cannot be expresses, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, and flows from heaven to the soul." So if you dont get that from the music you hear, then it's not good music.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have you ever met this?

Have you ever met something that:

-comforts and hurts you at the same time?
-is in your life one moment then gone in a flash?
-is honest one minute and deceitful the next?
-makes you surrounded one minute and alone the next?
-makes you alive inside one day then empty the next?
-you knew one day but a stranger the next?
-can be complete one day and shattered into pieces the next?
-is there one day then lost the next?
-brings joy and sorrow at the same time?
-makes you guarded one minute then vulnerable the next?
-makes you sure of something one minute but confused the next?
-could be your bestfriend then your enemy?
-can lift you up and bring you down?
-can make you strong then weak?
-makes you give everything then lose everything?
-can bring you confidence one day then none none the next?
-makes your dreams come true one day then crushes them the next?

I would like to introduce you to that something: Meet love.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Album Review

Band: Rise Against
Album: "Appeal to Reason"
I have always been a fan of the band Rise Against here from Chicago. They have always been a band that uses their talent to try and inform and inspire youth through their lyrics. As soon as there album debuted in stores in Oct. I was there picking one up. Once against the lead singer Tim Mcllarth has used his very unique vocals to capture new fans from all over. Rise against has come out with several great albums in the past so they have to compete with themselves to make the next one even better. For me their new album "Appeal to Reason," had some great songs on it such as "Audience of one," "Savior," and "Reeducation (through labor)." Once again the band has managed to pull off a great combination of good meaningful lyrics, awsome rifts and catchy chourses. Tim's voice is so unique I don't think there can or will be any other artist out there that can sound like him. Though the bands songs aren't as political on this album as past ones, they still have songs like "Hereos of War," that inspire are youth. The band recently added a new guitarists to the band, however, it has not changed the sound of their music. I can't say this is my favorite album by Rise Agaist, because nothing can beat their album "Siren Song and Counter Culture," but it is definitly one that is worth being in your personal cd collection.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In honor of those who lost their lives on 02/14/08

Valentine's day is soon approaching. For most, they will start thinking of chocolate heart-shaped boxes, flowers and halmark cards. For me I will be thinking of how fortuante I am to live. It's almost been a year since a school shooting happened here at NIU and lost 5 students. I will never forget that day, and valentine's day will never quite be the same. As Feb. 14th approaches many people will be complaining that they don't have a valentine. But for me, I will me thankful to still be here, alive and breathing. I am still taken back that such a tradegy could happen here at my school. There is nothing anybody could change about the inciddents that occured- all there is now is to move forward but never forgot those that we lost. To Dan, Catalina, Ryanne, Julianna and Gayle, you will forever be in our hearts. "It matters not how long a star shines; what is remembered is the brightness of its light."

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cheers to a new year!

They say that the road to success is always under construction; that one must have long range goals to keep from becomming fustrated by short-range failures. Either way you want to absorb that statement, it is true. A new year has begun and for many people, their new year brings a clean slate. For me, it's not reflecting on the past year and beating myself up on things I could have done better, things I never did or forgetting the year ever happened. For me, a new year always reminds me of another opporutunity or chance to accomplish goals or desires. Whether its simple things like getting an "A" in a course or over comming obstacles that life might unexpectedly throw at you this year. I believe that everybody can achieve and succeed what they want in life. Like alot of people I always want instant change and results, but what's the fun in that? Like most people I have a fear of failure but, I have come to realize that failure is a very good thing... sometimes. How can a person learn or grow if they have never failed at anything in their life? Wouldn't life be such a bore if nothing were a challange and everything was a breeze? Failure is not always encouraging, but in the end it makes some work that much harder and ultimatly, is probably one if the biggest motivators I have ever met! Failure has the tendency to make people gain a strive and motivation from within like they never thought possible. There are alot of successful people in this world that had to fall before reaching their goals. Nobody is perfect in this world and it's impossible to avoid failure sometimes. So if you get knocked down and discouraged on your personnel road towards success just remember.... the road to success is always under construction.