Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Album Review

Band: Rise Against
Album: "Appeal to Reason"
I have always been a fan of the band Rise Against here from Chicago. They have always been a band that uses their talent to try and inform and inspire youth through their lyrics. As soon as there album debuted in stores in Oct. I was there picking one up. Once against the lead singer Tim Mcllarth has used his very unique vocals to capture new fans from all over. Rise against has come out with several great albums in the past so they have to compete with themselves to make the next one even better. For me their new album "Appeal to Reason," had some great songs on it such as "Audience of one," "Savior," and "Reeducation (through labor)." Once again the band has managed to pull off a great combination of good meaningful lyrics, awsome rifts and catchy chourses. Tim's voice is so unique I don't think there can or will be any other artist out there that can sound like him. Though the bands songs aren't as political on this album as past ones, they still have songs like "Hereos of War," that inspire are youth. The band recently added a new guitarists to the band, however, it has not changed the sound of their music. I can't say this is my favorite album by Rise Agaist, because nothing can beat their album "Siren Song and Counter Culture," but it is definitly one that is worth being in your personal cd collection.

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