Thursday, January 22, 2009

In honor of those who lost their lives on 02/14/08

Valentine's day is soon approaching. For most, they will start thinking of chocolate heart-shaped boxes, flowers and halmark cards. For me I will be thinking of how fortuante I am to live. It's almost been a year since a school shooting happened here at NIU and lost 5 students. I will never forget that day, and valentine's day will never quite be the same. As Feb. 14th approaches many people will be complaining that they don't have a valentine. But for me, I will me thankful to still be here, alive and breathing. I am still taken back that such a tradegy could happen here at my school. There is nothing anybody could change about the inciddents that occured- all there is now is to move forward but never forgot those that we lost. To Dan, Catalina, Ryanne, Julianna and Gayle, you will forever be in our hearts. "It matters not how long a star shines; what is remembered is the brightness of its light."

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