Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have you ever met this?

Have you ever met something that:

-comforts and hurts you at the same time?
-is in your life one moment then gone in a flash?
-is honest one minute and deceitful the next?
-makes you surrounded one minute and alone the next?
-makes you alive inside one day then empty the next?
-you knew one day but a stranger the next?
-can be complete one day and shattered into pieces the next?
-is there one day then lost the next?
-brings joy and sorrow at the same time?
-makes you guarded one minute then vulnerable the next?
-makes you sure of something one minute but confused the next?
-could be your bestfriend then your enemy?
-can lift you up and bring you down?
-can make you strong then weak?
-makes you give everything then lose everything?
-can bring you confidence one day then none none the next?
-makes your dreams come true one day then crushes them the next?

I would like to introduce you to that something: Meet love.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Album Review

Band: Rise Against
Album: "Appeal to Reason"
I have always been a fan of the band Rise Against here from Chicago. They have always been a band that uses their talent to try and inform and inspire youth through their lyrics. As soon as there album debuted in stores in Oct. I was there picking one up. Once against the lead singer Tim Mcllarth has used his very unique vocals to capture new fans from all over. Rise against has come out with several great albums in the past so they have to compete with themselves to make the next one even better. For me their new album "Appeal to Reason," had some great songs on it such as "Audience of one," "Savior," and "Reeducation (through labor)." Once again the band has managed to pull off a great combination of good meaningful lyrics, awsome rifts and catchy chourses. Tim's voice is so unique I don't think there can or will be any other artist out there that can sound like him. Though the bands songs aren't as political on this album as past ones, they still have songs like "Hereos of War," that inspire are youth. The band recently added a new guitarists to the band, however, it has not changed the sound of their music. I can't say this is my favorite album by Rise Agaist, because nothing can beat their album "Siren Song and Counter Culture," but it is definitly one that is worth being in your personal cd collection.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In honor of those who lost their lives on 02/14/08

Valentine's day is soon approaching. For most, they will start thinking of chocolate heart-shaped boxes, flowers and halmark cards. For me I will be thinking of how fortuante I am to live. It's almost been a year since a school shooting happened here at NIU and lost 5 students. I will never forget that day, and valentine's day will never quite be the same. As Feb. 14th approaches many people will be complaining that they don't have a valentine. But for me, I will me thankful to still be here, alive and breathing. I am still taken back that such a tradegy could happen here at my school. There is nothing anybody could change about the inciddents that occured- all there is now is to move forward but never forgot those that we lost. To Dan, Catalina, Ryanne, Julianna and Gayle, you will forever be in our hearts. "It matters not how long a star shines; what is remembered is the brightness of its light."

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cheers to a new year!

They say that the road to success is always under construction; that one must have long range goals to keep from becomming fustrated by short-range failures. Either way you want to absorb that statement, it is true. A new year has begun and for many people, their new year brings a clean slate. For me, it's not reflecting on the past year and beating myself up on things I could have done better, things I never did or forgetting the year ever happened. For me, a new year always reminds me of another opporutunity or chance to accomplish goals or desires. Whether its simple things like getting an "A" in a course or over comming obstacles that life might unexpectedly throw at you this year. I believe that everybody can achieve and succeed what they want in life. Like alot of people I always want instant change and results, but what's the fun in that? Like most people I have a fear of failure but, I have come to realize that failure is a very good thing... sometimes. How can a person learn or grow if they have never failed at anything in their life? Wouldn't life be such a bore if nothing were a challange and everything was a breeze? Failure is not always encouraging, but in the end it makes some work that much harder and ultimatly, is probably one if the biggest motivators I have ever met! Failure has the tendency to make people gain a strive and motivation from within like they never thought possible. There are alot of successful people in this world that had to fall before reaching their goals. Nobody is perfect in this world and it's impossible to avoid failure sometimes. So if you get knocked down and discouraged on your personnel road towards success just remember.... the road to success is always under construction.