Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have you ever met this?

Have you ever met something that:

-comforts and hurts you at the same time?
-is in your life one moment then gone in a flash?
-is honest one minute and deceitful the next?
-makes you surrounded one minute and alone the next?
-makes you alive inside one day then empty the next?
-you knew one day but a stranger the next?
-can be complete one day and shattered into pieces the next?
-is there one day then lost the next?
-brings joy and sorrow at the same time?
-makes you guarded one minute then vulnerable the next?
-makes you sure of something one minute but confused the next?
-could be your bestfriend then your enemy?
-can lift you up and bring you down?
-can make you strong then weak?
-makes you give everything then lose everything?
-can bring you confidence one day then none none the next?
-makes your dreams come true one day then crushes them the next?

I would like to introduce you to that something: Meet love.

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