Friday, April 3, 2009

Movie and Music Mesh

So Indie rock music is finally hitting the movie scene? ITS ABOUT TIME! Shouldn't that have been happening along time ago? Maybe it's because Indie music is becomming increasingly popular, or there has just been more talent bomming in the Indie music industry. Either way I am totally stoked that finally, movie directors are finally getting some "taste" in music when thinking about the music put into in their movie scences.

I thought about this blog long and hard. There have been so many movies that were made better due to the music that was added in scenes. So the following is some scenes that I think were some of the best parts of a movie due to the songs that were choosen. It's funny how a song can set and change a mood of a scene completely. There are alot of epic movies I would like to mention that I didn't add to this list which include "Almost Famous, Dazed & Confused, Monty Python, Dark Knight, Rambo Fight Club and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas So here are SOME of my favorite movie scenes of all time:

Song: "No Matter What" by Badfinger

So this is one of my favorite movies of all time! And for all you girls out there that have not seen it, GO SEE IT! What was so great about this movie besides the story line was the soundtrack... and yes I own it! There were several great scenes in this movie but, for me the I liked the opening credit. This song was totally appropriate to open the movie and set the feel for the story line.

Song: "If I ever Leave This World Alive" By Floggy Molly

I love this song by Floggy Molly but when they ended the movie with this song I just lost it! This movie was sad to begin with, but at the end when this song came on, I started to cry! Me of all people! (I never cry during movies!) I think that with out this song, the ending would have been alot different (and in a bad way) and it wouldn't have had such a profound impact like it did. It still makes me cry when I think about it.

FAVORITE LOVE SCENE: Movie: "Cruel Intentions"
Song: "Color Blind" by The Counting Crows

Everyone has probably seen this movie and knows extactly what scene I am talking about. This movie in general was great and the love scene between Ryan Phillipian and Reense Witherspoon was HOT! However, this song by the Counting Crows is a tear jerker and I think that the producer incorporated the song into the movie beautifully. Another great love scene I would like to mention with great music would be the movie "Click" with the song "Linger" by the cranberry's.

FAVORITE CAR CHASE SCENE: Movie: "The Fast and The Furious"
Song: "Smack my Bitch Up" by Prodigy

I would say that not only was this movie action pacted, but when they had added prodigy's song in the background it just made the car chase from the cops all that much better. :) Even when I hear this song when I am driving it makes me feel like speeding! (im not implying that I do because I don't! lol) but the song defenitlety adds and adrenline rush to any scene.

Song: "Where is my Mind" by Placebo

A great book trasnformed into one of my favorite movie of all time! If you have not seen this movie you are deprived and must go see it.

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