Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Favorite of CMI

So ever since I burned the CMI music for myself to a cd I haven't stopped listening to it. Even once this internship is over, I am still going to be suporting these bands on the CMI because some of them are my new favorite. There are alot of great bands on the CMI. So here it goes:

My Favorite band on the CMI:

So this was hard to decide because I loved a few of these bands. But when I narrowed it down, my favorite band came to be The Rising Sound from Los Angeles, CA. However, honorable mentions go to Twentyfour 24, Early States, Our Satori and Offshore Radio. It might be because I favor the Emo/Alternative/Punk Rock sound and that made me like Rising Sound above the rest of the bands. What I really liked about this band is that vocally the lead singer is really talented. His voice is good yet unique. Alot of these bands on the CMI sounded like artists I have already heard. (Ex: Fiona apple, candlebox, gavin degraw). I think that the Rising Sound has alot of unique rifts in their songs that make the song catchy. Lyrically the band writes songs that are powerful and meaninful. For Example, the song, "In Space," lyrically was very meaningful and instrumentally the chorus was catchy. (As was the chours in the song, "Lights Out."

My favorite band from the CMI regionally:

So from my Region (Illinois) my favorite band was Pinstripe 45's. Though Glasko is very talented, I realy liked the style, sound and lyrics of Pinstripe 45's. Lead singer Marshall Hanbury has a voice similar to Kevin Martin of Candlebox. I am a sucker for the sound of acoustic guitars mixed with a sexy voice. I really enjoy the songs, "Living times like these, I Don't Know What Hit Me, and In Some Other Time." The combination of his voice and lyrical writings along with the blend of instrumenta and percussion make listening to them take you into another element.

When I listen to this band, it makes me reflect on life, and on certain memories. It calms me down and takes me outside my element and into a peaceful mind state. Not many bands have the ability to create music that can take a person to that level and for this I think Pinstripe 45s is not only my favorite band regionally but probably my favorite band on the CMI. (I just couldn't be repetative and write about the same band twice!) Lucky for me, they are local so next time they play a show and after this semester is over, I will most likely go see them.

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